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Home Remodeling Upgrades to Reconsider: A Guide for Homeowners in Cincinnati, OH

Remodeling in Cincinnati

Are you contemplating home renovations to enhance your home's living space in Cincinnati? Before diving into the latest design trends, it's crucial to understand that not all renovations contribute positively to your property's value. In fact, some upgrades can potentially harm your home's resale value. As a seasoned realtor specializing in helping people transition from their current homes to their dream homes, I'm here to guide you through the remodeling process.

The Pitfalls of Over-Improving

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as "over-improving" your home. It's essential to be aware of this factor when deciding on updates. Consider the surrounding homes in your neighborhood and determine the appropriate level of upgrades for your price range. High-end features that outshine others in your area may not translate to increased property value and could result in costly renovations that offer little return on investment.

Creativity with Caution

While homeownership grants you the freedom to personalize your space, getting "too creative" with renovations can be detrimental. Projects like converting a garage into a master suite or eliminating bedrooms for unconventional purposes may limit your pool of interested buyers when it's time to sell. Opt for less permanent solutions, such as turning a spare bedroom into a home office, to preserve the functionality of essential spaces long-term.

Rethinking Custom Home Features

Custom-built features, such as built-in aquariums, media centers, or desks, might not align with the preferences of future homeowners. Additionally, built-in technology can quickly become outdated, posing challenges during resale. Minimize these kinds of built-ins and focus on portable, smart home products that add convenience without sacrificing flexibility.

Some built-ins that will stand true for years to come are bookshelves and storage around a focal window or on each side of the fireplace. These types of built-ins are a great way to make use of the space in a home, particularly by creating storage areas. A few built-ins here and there will allow you to gain useful space while adding character to your home. Whether it's a bookshelf or a bench seat, a built-in feature will add a luxe element that's unique to your space.

Smart Remodeling Choices for Lasting Value

As you plan your room or home renovation, prioritize upgrades that genuinely add value to your home. Focus on projects that will truly elevate a space. Be mindful of the neighborhood context to avoid over-improving, and steer clear of overly creative projects that compromise essential spaces. By making smart choices, you can enhance your living environment while ensuring your property remains attractive to potential buyers.


In the vibrant real estate market of Cincinnati, OH, strategic home renovations can be a game-changer. As you embark on this journey, remember that informed decisions lead to lasting value. Whether you're selling or updating for personal enjoyment, these considerations will help you navigate the intricate landscape of home remodeling.


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